Building Services Engineering Technician- level 4 STD 275


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Code: PITMCW00024

  • Location: Institute of Technology

Code: PITMCW00037

Course Summary

The occupation covered by this standard is Building Services Engineering Technician and typical job titles can include: Assistant Project Engineer, Assistant Engineer or Building Services Site Technician. In the case of SME building services engineering specialist contractors the roles are likely to include Assistant Project Managers, Project Managers and Site Managers. They are associated with the supervision of the installation’ commissioning or servicing of environmental technologies on construction projects and are based on construction sites with occasional time in offices.

The aim of the course is deliver a good level of information to ensure that all mandatory Knowledge, skills and behaviours can be satisfactorily displayed at the End Point Assessment, where an apprentice will prove they have the necessary knowledge skills and behaviours required within the standard.

An apprentice will learn the principles, procedures and underpinning knowledge in a classroom environment. They will developed the skills and behaviours required for this standard in the workplace, where the employer will ensure a suitable mentor is allocated to the apprentice to help them gain and improve their skills on the job.

Course Content

A Level 4 qualification in Construction and Built Environment that meets the knowledge requirements of the standard and is approved by the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers as meeting the educational requirements for EngTech LCIBSE
Health and Safety - Understand the principles and responsibilities imposed law and other regulations in a building services environment

Sustainability - Understand the sustainability issues in projects across economic, social and environmental aspects

Engineering Principles - Understand engineering techniques, procedures and methods and the principles of design

Project Management - Understand management principles and the project management lifecycle and the contractual conditions on a project

Planning and Organising Work - Understand the importance of project planning and resourcing and be able to analyse different techniques

Monitor Quality - Able to define the quality required and the commissioning process on a finished building services project

Course Assessment

End Point Assessment for this Standard is mandatory. The apprentice will need to pass 2 parts to the EPA to be successful.

•Presentation and questioning on the technical project brief.
•A structured interview informed by the written report. Pass/Fail
•Pass or Fail – Pass satisfies the requirements for registration as an Engineering Technician

To be successful the apprentice must pass the Presentation and Structured Interview

Employer Benefits

The employer will benefit from:
•Take a responsible approach to health and safety
•Be professional, proactive and receptive to constructive advice and guidance
•Be willing to learn new skills and to adapt in the light of experience
•Know one’s limitations and when to ask for help or escalate
•Work independently when appropriate and take responsibility for and pride in their work
•Demonstrate a positive approach to problem solving
•Show an ability to contribute to discussions as part of a team


There are no costs for materials for this apprenticeship, the apprentice will need access to a PC/Laptop either at home or at work to complete any assignments and homework.


Level 4 HNC qualification in Construction and the Built Environment


Successful apprentices can go on to level 5 or level 6 apprenticeships such as Building Services Design Engineer level 6

Entry Requirements

Individual employers will determine their own entry requirements, but the typical entry requirements for this Apprenticeship will be five GCSEs or equivalent, including Maths, English and a Science; or a Level 2 Apprenticeship.

Code: PITMCW00024

  • Location: Institute of Technology

Code: PITMCW00037

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