How to Apply

Part-time adult courses start throughout the year and you can apply and enrol online in a few simple steps: 

  1. Find the course you’re interested in and select the ‘Apply’ button 
  2. Once you’re submitted the application form you’ll be invited to attend an information session  
  3. Discuss the course with a tutor and the tutor will confirm your place on the course 
  4. You’ll receive a link to enrol online 
  5. Digitally sign the enrolment form (Learning Agreement) 
  6. Start your course  

If you’re unsure what subject want to study or you’re unsure of the level, just click apply on the course you think is right for you and we will guide you once we receive your application.  

Our Careers Team are also on hand to help you and you can book an appointment with them online.

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What our Students Say

Godswill Ayomide Iteogu, aged 19, GCSE Maths grade 4


“I wanted to improve my GCSE maths grade and I did it!

“I’m going London Met University to study Criminology and International Securities to become an Intelligence Analyst.

“I had great support from the tutors and the resources they provide are really good.”

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What our Students Say

Kayleigh Edwards, aged 33, GCSE English grade 6


“My Dad was the inspiration for me to follow my dreams. He became ill last year and it made me realise that life is short and that there is no point in having a dream if you’re not going to work for them.

“He passed away just before my exams so that was really tough, but with the...

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