Full Time Learners Aged 16-18 Years – Satisfaction (Updated In-Year)

Learner Satisfaction (2022-23 Induction)

We conduct surveys each year to understand learners’ satisfaction with their programme of study and the wider college. Their feedback informs subject impact assessment reviews and quality improvement plans.

Overall % agree levels are really high for this key client group and each statement within the survey had a percentage agree level of over 80%.

Comments from learners are overall positive for each of the curriculum areas within this survey.

Full Time Learners Aged 16-18 Years – Satisfaction (2021-22 Year end)

Year end learner satisfaction (QDP survey)

The College employs an external agency, QDP, to conduct mid and end year surveys and to benchmark the results against 80 other grade 2 or above general further education colleges.

We are proud of our performance against other providers with an overall satisfaction rating above the benchmark. Four of the six categories are rated at or above benchmark, with two being marginally below. These will be investigated at course level through our Subject Area Impact Assessments (SAIAs) with targeted actions to address any areas for concern.

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