High Needs Learners – Destinations (2022-23 Year-End)

Learner Destinations

All levels

Pie chart showing high needs learners destinations, all levels

We successfully support many of our high needs students into positive destinations, with the majority, 78.1%, going onto further education and training. 29.% into higher education and 1.9% into work. Of the remaining 17.4% many go into voluntary work or adult social care which based on their starting points is a positive destination.

Impact on Regional Skills and the Regional Economy

STEM in the curriculum – trend analysis

Bar chart showing high needs learners STEM in the curriculum

In 22/23 there were more high needs learners enrolled onto STEM programme than ever before and a significant increase of 17.1% compared to 21/22. This demonstrates our ongoing focus on ensuring high needs learners access the STEM curriculum, alongside their peers.

Progression to advanced level – trend analysis

Bar chart showing percentage of high needs learners progression to advanced level

There was a significant improvement in learner progression in 22/23, with 57.6% of high needs learners progressing onto the next level of study. 45.3% returned on the same level, however, this would include those returning on the same level but larger size of qualifications e.g. Level 1 Certificate to Level 1 Diploma. 5.7% of learners returned on a lower-level qualification, most of which would be due to leaners moving into a differing curriculum area to their original study, where skills would require building.

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