Our People

Our People (2022-23 Year-End)

Staff Headcount

The staff headcount has reduced slightly from 794 to 777 on the previous year.

Staff Turnover

The college staff turnover remained at 13%. This remains well below the AoC average of 17.8%.

Staff Sickness Absence

The staff sickness absence level remained at 7 days, this remained impacted by absence due to Covid-19 which is still accounting for 10% of all of our sickness absence. Our sickness absence remains below the national average of 7.8 days.

Staff Diversity



A slight change on the previous year of 54% female and 46% male. But remains considerably more balanced than the AoC average of 36% male and 64% female.


The staff disability has increased by 2%.


Governing Body Diversity (February 2023)

The college’s Corporation (governing body) has 18% of governors from ethnic minority backgrounds. The age range of governors is not typical for the sector being younger than the norm with an even distribution of governors across a number of the age categories. The governing body has a reasonably even split of male and female members, although slightly more male than female members at the present time. No member of the Corporation has declared a disability.




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