Why Study an Apprenticeship?

10 reasons YOU should do an Apprenticeship 

An apprenticeship is a full-time job with additional learning at college. This winning combination means that you can get the training and qualifications you want in a career that interests you and you’ll be paid a salary as well! 

Here are 10 reasons why apprenticeships are a great way to start your career: 

  1. No student loans = no debt! Most people who go to university leave with a significant amount of debt. As an apprentice, your employer pays for your training and pays you a salary, so no student debt for you! 
  2. It’s a change from the classroom. You get real ‘hands-on’ practical experience in a real job role, learning the right skills in the workplace – this is the experience that employers look for when recruiting new staff. 
  3. Learn from those doing the job already. You will have access to great support during your apprenticeship by working alongside experienced professionals in your workplace and also from specialist college tutors who are there to help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to succeed. 
  4. Get the skills employers want. Apprenticeships are designed in conjunction with employers so the skills, knowledge and behaviours that you learn are what employers want and value and that could give you the advantage when applying for jobs in the future.
  5. Different levels to suit you and your ambitions. There are different levels of apprenticeships to suit everyone from school leavers, people finishing college, university graduates or people who have been in a job for many years and want to upskill. Apprenticeships are not only a way to start your career but also a way of progressing when you are in a job. Many employers are now investing in apprenticeships and see this as a great way to recruit and retain people in their organisation. 
  6. Lots of career choices. People often think that apprenticeships are for certain technical and practical jobs such an automotive technician or hairdresser. However there are apprenticeships in most sectors from business admin to hospitality, digital marketing to care. 
  7. Build your professional networks. On an apprenticeship you will naturally meet lots of people across your business so you’ll be in an ideal place to build professional relationships and networks to succeed in the role you are in and for your future career ambitions. LinkedIn is a professional social network so set yourself up and account and start growing your connections. 
  8. Stand out from the crowd. Apprenticeships are an excellent way to gain access to a company or a sector you want to work in, and if you achieve your apprenticeship it will put you in a strong position if there are permanent job opportunities within your company. 
  9. Learn transferable skills. As apprentices do real jobs in real work environments, you gain the softer skills that will help you throughout your career and make you more confident with skills such as team working, communication and problem solving. 
  10. Enjoy working. Not only are apprenticeships a great way to really understand an industry and find a career that you enjoy, as with many workplaces, you get to meet different people and make new friends. 

So, if apprenticeships sound like an option for you, search the vacancies available today!   

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Amber Bills, aged 30, Level 3 Plumbing and Domestic Heating Apprentice, working at Dudley MBC


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What our Students Say

Annie Guy, aged 27, Team Leadership Apprenticeship


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