Our Estate

Our Estate (2020-21 Year-End)

Estates Efficiency

The estates costs have increased slightly from the previous year, by 2.8% when adjusted for inflation. This is partly due to the opening of the new Institute of Technology building which is not yet fully up to planned capacity but is incurring operational costs. Additionally higher than general inflation increases in construction costs, as well as the college’s strategy to improve its existing estate following a 12 year period of investment in new buildings has also been a factor.

Cost as at 2021/22 rates.

Estates Efficiency, Cost per FTE*

(*Full-time equivalent)

Room Utilisation

The overall college utilisation is similar to last year being only 1% lower. Some sites such as Evolve, and Dudley Sixth continue to improve were others such as Advance have reduced. This is due to student profiles changing around the sectors each building serves. The college continues to review the utilisation of its estate to ensure the best use of resources, and the best environments is provided for teaching and learning.

Percentage room utilisation to date

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