Full Time A Level Learners Aged 16-18 Years – Enrolments (Updated In-Year)

(Number of full time Dudley Sixth students studying 3 or more A-levels.)

Dudley Sixth has experienced its highest level of student numbers since opening, exhibiting a further increase from 2022-23 academic year. This is due in part to an increase in new learners joining A-level programmes, but also due to more first year learners being successful in their studies and progressing to the second year.

Full-Time A Level Learners Aged 16-18 Years – Enrolments (2022-23 Year-End)

Engagement and participation rates

Learner engagement trend analysis

Line graph showing learner engagement trend analysis

Dudley Sixth has continued its year-on-year growth in student engagement with A Level learning, increasing participation significantly again in 2022/23 to 621 learners. This growth has been influenced by the start of an upturn in the 16-18 population of the borough following a number of years of decline in this demographic, but also by the high-quality A level offer and growing reputation. We have continued to offer more delivery hours per A-Level as well as higher levels of support than other providers.

Travel to Learn Map

Heatmap showing travel to learn pattern for A level learners

The map shows the travel to learn pattern of our A Level learners in 2022/23 is in line with 2021/22. We have continued to be the first choice for many local A Level learners who choose to study at Dudley Sixth rather than travelling elsewhere. We continue to attract learners from the wider region, which demonstrates the confidence young people and their parents have in Dudley Sixth to provide a positive post-16 experience with high levels of success.

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