Full Time and Part Time Adult Skills Learners – Enrolments (Updated In-Year)

Our enrolment into adult education programmes is continuing to rise at a similar rate to the previous year, with enrolment on these programmes continuing throughout the academic year and currently slightly higher. Working in partnership with the West Midlands Combined Authority we have introduced new fully funded programmes to allow adults to retrain into priority sectors which we expect will see a further rise in adult participation. We are also very proud to run a number of programmes in partnership with local employers aimed at supporting adults directly into work.

Full Time and Part Time Adult Skills Learners – Enrolments (2021-22 Year-End)

Engagement and participation rates

Learner engagement trend analysis

Bar chart showing adult learner engagement trend analysis

The removal of COVID restrictions saw a bounce back to pre-pandemic levels with an additional 571 adults engaged in learning compared to 20/21. This is particularly gratifying as curriculum teams worked hard to develop an exciting and innovative offer with a strong focus on meeting skills needs.

Travel to Learn Map

Heatmap showing travel to learn pattern for adult learners

The map shows the travel to learn pattern of our adult learners in 2021/22. An increasing number of learners from the Dudley borough. There is an increasing number of adult learners looking to remain in Dudley to study rather than travel elsewhere.

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