Apprenticeships and Work Based Learners – Satisfaction (Updated In-Year)

Apprenticeship Survey – Day Release (2022-23 Induction)

Apprenticeship Survey – Work Place (2022-23 Induction)

We conduct surveys each year to understand learners’ satisfaction with their programme of study and the wider college. Their feedback informs subject impact assessment reviews and quality improvement plans.

Overall % agree levels are really high for this key client group and each statement within the survey had a percentage agree level of over 80 in the day release and work place surveys %.

Comments from learners in these surveys were positive overall.

Apprentice Satisfaction (2021-22 Year end)

Year-end apprentice satisfaction (QDP services)

The satisfaction of apprentices has dropped and is below the benchmark of grade 2 and above providers. The College will focus on understanding the reasons for this and improving the apprenticeship experience, however the arrangements during the pandemic will no doubt have been a factor.

STEM Apprenticeships – trend analysis

Taken from latest published information on Government ‘Find an apprenticeship’ service. Despite the clear challenges around the global pandemic, employers and apprentices remain reasonably pleased with the service Dudley College offer.

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