Full Time A Level Learners Aged 16-18 Years – Satisfaction (Updated In-Year)

Learner Satisfaction (2022-23 Induction)

We conduct surveys each year to understand learners’ satisfaction with their programme of study and the wider college. Their feedback informs subject impact assessment reviews and quality improvement plans.

Overall % agree levels are really high for this key client group and each statement within the survey had a percentage agree level of over 80%.

Comments from learners are overall positive for each of the curriculum areas within this survey.

Full Time A Level Learners Aged 16-18 Years – Satisfaction (2021-22 Year end)

Year-end learner satisfaction (QDP survey)

The impact of the pandemic on A Level learners who were unable to take examinations they had prepared for can be seen in the satisfaction results. Although the satisfaction is below benchmark in 5 categories, the overall satisfaction rating is equal to benchmark. Students demonstrated satisfaction in several ways outside of the survey including hosting a student led teacher awards event.

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