Apprenticeships and Work Based Learning – Enrolments (Updated In-Year)


Apprenticeship programmes for employers continue to be a priority for the college. The number of apprentices fell dramatically during the previous two years as a result of the pandemic and the impact this had on the employers we serve. This is reflected in the relatively low number of apprenticeships continuing into the start of this academic year. We are however pleased to see that many employers seem to have returned to recruiting new apprentices over recent months and we expect to see the number continue to increase as we go into the new academic year.

Apprenticeships and Work Based Learning – Enrolments (2021-22 Year-End)

Engagement and Participation Rates

Apprentice engagement and trend analysis

Line graph showing apprentice engagement trend analysis

Despite our continued focus on the apprenticeship provision for all ages following on from the Covid-19 global health pandemic we have seen a decrease in the participation for both age groups. The participation for 16-18 apprentices was 841 in 2021/22 and the number of adult apprentices was 1359) in 2021/22.

In total, some 2,200 individuals undertook apprenticeship training directly (excluding sub-contracted apprentices) with the College in 2021/22.

The provision is supported by effective engagement with local employers and dedicated apprenticeship placement services offered by our Employment Hub and Employer Engagement Managers (EEMs).

Apprentice Provision

Heatmap showing travel to learn pattern for learners on apprenticeships

The heat map shows the home location of college-based (exc. sub-contracted partnership activity) apprentices. The majority of 16-18 apprentices following a day release programme and are based locally in the West Midlands Region. The adult apprenticeships are also based locally however there are pockets of focussed activity in other regions due to specific initiatives with key partner employers including national NHS trusts and Tesco. This can include delivery of bespoke apprenticeship programmes on employer premises.

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