Civil Engineering Senior Technician - L4 - (ST0046)


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Code: PITMCW00023

  • Location: Institute of Technology

Course Summary

The occupation covered by this standard is Civil Engineering Senior Technician and typical job titles can include: Assistant Site Engineer, Assistant Engineer, Civil Engineering Technician or Construction Site Technician. In the case of SME construction companies the roles are likely to include Site Engineer, Civil Engineer or Project Engineer. They are associated with the dimensional control and application of engineering solutions on construction projects and are based on construction sites with occasional time in offices.
The main duties and tasks of a Construction Site Engineering Technician are:

Dimensional control of construction projects
Assisting design teams with civil engineering solutions on construction projects
Supervision of specialist contractors
Contribute to the control of health and safety on construction projects
Recording, control and reporting of progress on a construction project
Contribute to the minimisation of the environmental impact of construction projects
Control the quality of works on a construction project

To deliver the specific skills, knowledge and behaviours to allow the apprentice to successfully complete the End Point Assessment (EPA)
This will typically take place within a 36 month period including 3months at the end of the programme to successfully complete the EPA

Link to professional registration
This Apprenticeship will include the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to achieve Technician status with the Institution of Civil Engineers (EngTech MICE). The Technician Professional Review process for EngTech MICE is included in the end-point assessment process for this Apprenticeship and will lead to the designatory letters EngTech MICE and the status of Engineering Technician.

Course Content

The following qualification will be gained:

A Level 4 qualification in Construction and Built Environment that meets the knowledge requirements of the standard and is approved by the Institution of Civil Engineers as meeting the educational requirements for EngTech MICE
The knowledge and skills gained in the following areas;
Health and Safety - Identify risk of activities and encourage all employees to demonstrate safety-conscious behaviours
Sustainability - Assess, identify and record the environmental impact of projects
Engineering Solutions - Assist in the implementation of the most appropriate solutions for construction projects
Construction Management - Use effective management principles and be able to supervise construction workers
Planning and Organising Work - Understand overall plan for project and measure and record progress against plan
Monitor Quality - Assess and report on quality standards of finished construction projects

English and Maths
English and Maths will at Level 2 will need to be achieved before taking the end point assessment and will be included in the Level 4 qualification.

Course Assessment

The End-point
Assessment (EPA) will be in two stages and typically undertaken in the last three months of the
Stage 1 – is the preparation for the presentation and structured interview. It will consist of:
- A project which will test the apprentice’s ability to integrate the knowledge, skills and behaviours acquired during the apprenticeship by developing a response to a technical brief set by the assessment organisation, with a number of options and a rationale for the choice of one as the optimum solution - A written report of 1500-1600 words which demonstrates how, in the course of their apprenticeship, the apprentice has integrated the knowledge, skills and behaviours to be a competent Construction Site Engineering Technician. The report is verified by a professionally qualified engineer and will be used to inform the structured interview.

Stage 2 – is the face to face stage which will consist of:
- A 10 minute presentation by the apprentice to the Assessor Panel showcasing their response to the project brief. This will be followed by 10-15 minutes of questions and discussion. - A 30-40 minute structured interview based on the written report submitted prior to the interview, the purpose being to determine the apprentice’s ability to ntegrate the knowledge, skills and behaviours acquired during the apprenticeship.

To be successful the apprentice must pass the Presentation and Structured Interview. The presentation is supported by a technical project brief which will be graded as part of this assessment method. The structured interview is informed by a written report, which will also be graded as part of this assessment method. The assessment will satisfy the requirements for registration as an Engineering Technician by the Engineering Council. The Assessor Panel will consist of two experienced, qualified and trained Civil Engineers nominated by the relevant End-point assessment
organisation (EPAO). Benchmarking the EPA against the Engineering Council UK-SPEC requirements for EngTech means that the assessment outcomes will be consistent and reliable, allowing a fair and proper comparison between apprentices employed across the UK in different types and sizes of organisations

Employer Benefits

The employer will benefit from:
•Take a responsible approach to health and safety
•Be professional, proactive and receptive to constructive advice and guidance
•Be willing to learn new skills and to adapt in the light of experience
•Know one’s limitations and when to ask for help or escalate
•Work independently when appropriate and take responsibility for and pride in their work
•Demonstrate a positive approach to problem solving
•Show an ability to contribute to discussions as part of a team


There are no costs for materials for this apprenticeship, the apprentice will need access to a PC/Laptop either at home or at work to complete any assignments and homework.


Completion of Level 4 HNC qualification in Construction and the Built Environment

•Achieved Level 2 qualification in Maths and English


Successful apprentices can go on to level 5 or 6 qualifications such as
Building Services Engineering Site Management Degree level
Construction Site management Degree level.

Entry Requirements

Individual employers will determine their own entry requirements, but the typical entry requirements for this Apprenticeship will be five GCSEs or equivalent, including Maths, English and a Science; or a Level 2 Apprenticeship.

Code: PITMCW00023

  • Location: Institute of Technology
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