Employer Testimonial – GCG Electrical Wholesalers

Other than supplying materials for the college for the use of the students, we also donate prizes in the form of tool kits for the end of year awards ceremony to the pupils that have excelled in their course. I have also donated sample light fittings, displays and posters as I know they can be of use to the college.

It is great when visiting the college, I see students that work as apprentices for our customers. When I see them on our counter or their work place, they talk highly of the college and the lecturers there.

Finally, I would HIGHLY recommend Dudley college if parents are considering their children attending further education. I can speak from experience that I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. My son attends Dudley College and also speaks highly of his course and lecturers. On campus I see lots of positive interaction between staff and students. When I speak to apprentices out of the college environment they talk highly of their course, fantastic facilities and staff that teach them.

I look forward to many more years working with the Dudley College electrical team.

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