Ellyott Meakin

Engineering Apprentice at RP Technologies, formerly a student at Kingswinford Academy.

Ever since I was young I’ve been fascinated by how things work and the design and making of products, so studying engineering seemed like a good option when I left school.

I chose to study full-time at Dudey College as it looked really nice with newly built campuses, specialist facilities and it felt like a good environment to learn in. The teachers are easy to work with and portray the information you need to learn in a fun and easy way to keep the lessons enjoyable.

I have now progressed to an Apprenticeship in Engineering and once I complete my qualification, I hope my employer will keep me on.

Ellyott’s Dad, Mark, got in touch with the college to express his thanks to the tutors: I wanted to say thanks for all your support to Ellyott over the last two years which has been challenging with the backdrop of CV19 throughout his studies, and I appreciate you taking time to complete a reference for him which will have helped him secure this Apprenticeship job.