Subcontracted Apprenticeships – Enrolments (Updated In-Year)

The figures reflect the College’s planned reduction in subcontracted apprenticeship provision. The College will continue to work with, and selectively grow, high value-added partners where there is a clear alignment with our Strategic Plan.

Subcontracted Apprenticeships – Enrolments (2020-21 Year-End)

Line graph showing subcontracted apprentice engagement trend analysis

Participation rates for partnership activity fell in 2020/21 in both age groups. 16-18 partnership activity continued a 5-year decline and was 239 (310). Following two years of growth, adult partnership activity also fell to 607 (814) in 2020/21.

The impact of the Covid-19 health pandemic also accelerated the College’s three-year plan to reduce low added-value subcontracted work and replace with in-college and/or high-value partner Apprenticeships.

Heatmap showing travel to learn pattern for learners on subcontracted apprenticeships

The heat map shows the home location of partnership apprentices. There is activity in other regions including delivery of bespoke Apprenticeship programmes on employer premises.

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