Higher Skills Learners – Destinations (2020-21 Year-End Data)

Impact on Regional Skills and the Regional Economy

STEM in the curriculum

Bar chart showing qualifications by Higher Education learners in STEM subjects

The local economy relies on a workforce with high level education and skills in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). However, the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) have also recognised other key priority sectors, that fall outside of STEM measures, as high priority as the global health pandemic progressed. As WMCA have supported some new non-STEM flexibilities, the growth in HE classroom-based provision has often not been associated to provision directly relating to STEM measures. This has affected our HE STEM percentage but for explainable and valid reasons.

The chart above shows the percentage of qualifications completed by higher level students that were in STEM related subjects. For the reasons described above the out-turn percentage of 27% for STEM subjects in 2020/21 is not directly comparable to the 41% in the previous year. We are committed to further expanding our higher level STEM provision in higher Apprenticeships through the expansion of Science and Healthcare and the introduction of the new Institute of Technology.

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