Full Time A Level Learners Aged 16-18 Years – Achievement (2020-21 Year-End)

Outcomes for Learners

Overall achievement rate A level

Bar chart showing the achievement rate of A level learners

This year saw a further dip in overall achievement rates on A Levels compared with 2019/20 (-5.0%), however this remains above the last published national rates. This is largely linked to retention on the new linear A Level which was implemented across all courses in 2019/20. We are however delighted to report a further increase in high grades from our learners in 2020-21. Analysis shows 89.4% of learners achieved an A* – C grade with those achieving A* – B increasing to 57.7%. Staff worked hard across the summer to submit Qualification Teacher Assessed Grades (Q-TAGs) to ensure learners received fair grades to enable them to progress. These were based on mock examinations and in class assessments.

Table showing the achievement rate of A level learners
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